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Accurate and up-to-date “books” are essential for good business management. Furthermore, accounting records need to comply with current legislation and HMRC requirements. Also there are those statutory-reporting obligations.

TRS Books&Accounts has a keen interest in helping small business and other enterprises meet their bookkeeping and accounting obligations, and also helping them to improve efficiency and profitability with sound financial administration.

If you are a small enterprise, the costs and issues of hiring an “accounts” employee may be avoided by using a cost-effective external resource.

If you are currently doing the “books” yourself, you can free-up your day-time (or night-time) and get-away from the paperwork and back to running your business. As they say “time is money”!

If the accounting obligations required of running a business are stopping you from starting-up, then professional help is available.

Pleased browse this website for further information. You can email via the contact form. Alternatively, please call using the phone number shown. Either way, you will receive a professional and friendly response. TRS Books&Accounts - for bookkeeping and accounting competence.