Service basics

 TRS Books&Accounts






TRS Books&Accounts adopts a code of conduct that is both ethical and legal. This means…

- fulfilling the duties agreed-upon

- acting honourably and professionally

- maintaining client confidentiality

- being diligent with client records

- encouraging statutory compliance.

It is expected that a client…

- provides relevant documents, records and information on a timely, accurate and complete basis

- conducts its activities honestly and acts appropriately against fraud and other irregularities

-safeguards its assets as best as possible

- adheres to any laws and regulations applicable to its activities.


An agreement for services is subject to fees during its term. Fees will be charged on the basis agreed (and for the duration agreed) at the outset of a term of service. Fees may be subject to renegotiation when a term of service expires or when a periodic review is appropriate. Work undertaken that is in addition to those specific to a services agreement is subject to additional fees.


A services agreement expires at its specific conclusion or, if of an ongoing nature, as per the termination notice specified. Both parties shall conduct affairs between themselves in good faith at all times  and any failure to perform by one party to the other may cause termination.