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An initial consultation is done free-of–charge to assess your requirements and establish the services needed. A proposal is thus provided for your review and, hopefully, your acceptance.

In addition to a depth of bookkeeping and accounts skills through real experience, TRS Books&Accounts possesses extensive IT and business expertise to add even more value.

Services are priced based on the skill-level needed for the job in-hand. Also, fixed-price arrangements can be negotiated based on an estimate of activity and the tasks agreed-upon.

It goes without saying that the object is to provide a service that is truly professional and cost-effective.   

TRS Books&Accounts is run by Ed G. who has extensive accounting, business and IT experience built-up over 30+ years. Educated to Master’s degree level with CAT accounting accreditation through the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Ed is a Member of the International Association of Accounting Professionals and a Fellow of the International Association of Bookkeepers. The competence exists to give you the standard of service you would expect.

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